Current Projects

It’s on, like Donkey Ko … No wait.

It is time. The Blue Blur has to step up yet again to save the world from the evil Dr. Robotnik!
On the 1st of April the Sonic The Hedgehog 2 movie hits the big screen in Sweden, and I am so there – or at least my voice is! I am honored to get the chance to reprise my role as the Swedish voice of the world’s fastest hedgehog and I can’t wait until you get to see the movie!

Watch the Swedish version of the final trailer below!

Andy is back!

Over half a decade ago I got the chance to become the Swedish voice of Andy Day in his new series where he was going to go on dinosaur adventures!
Fast forward to 2021 and I have had the honor of giving Andy a Swedish voice for 6 years! And now it is time again, in the Swedish dub of Andys Aquatic Adventures – Andys Akvatiska Äventyr!

Watch Andys Akvatiska Äventyr now, on SVT/Barnkanalen!