My name is Christian Hedlund.
I’ve been working as a voice actor since 2003.
I’ve done hundreds of voice overs for commercials, infomercials, cartoons (both original work and dubbing), movies and video games.
I have also worked as a radio host in commerical broadcasting in Sweden and hosted several popular podcasts.

Here is some notable high points of my career thus far:

2003 – My first professional voice over (AJAX).

2006-2013 – Radio host at Swedish radio stations Mix Megapol, Lugna Favoriter and RIX FM.

2009-2013 – Founded and hosted Swedens first commercial podcast about video games (RadioGamer, later Nördigt).

2012 – Gave voice to several characters in the video game Krater (Fatshark Games).

2014 – Gave Swedish voice to the 1980’s Space Guy Benny in the Swedish version of The Lego Movie, my first feature film to be shown in theaters.

2016-2018 – Gave Swedish voice to Hunk in Voltron: The Legendary Defenders on Netflix.

2017 – Played the part of the AI character “ALAN” in the Swedish indie sci-fi movie Mellanrum/In The Gap.

2017 – Gave Swedish voice to Robin in The Lego Batman Movie.

2018 – Reprised my role as Benny in The Lego Movie 2.

2016-2019 – Worked as a voice consultant and voice actor on the video game Rain Of Reflections.

2019 – Provided voices for several characters in the video game Generation Zero (Avalanche Studios).

2019 – Lent my voice to Zazu in the Swedish version of THE LION KING.

2020 – Provided the Swedish voice for SONIC THE HEDGEHOG in his first theatrical release.

2022 – Translated the Swedish script and reprised my role as the Blue Blur in the Netflix series SONIC PRIME.